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Rhino-Rack Folding Ladder

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$298.00 AUD (RRP inc GST)

The Rhino-Rack Folding Ladder is the perfect accessory to making your life easier loading and unloading your luggage from your Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Basket, Mesh Platform and AT Tray.


The Folding Ladder connects to the edge of your Mesh Platform, Mesh Basket and AT Tray whilst hanging off your tyre or door trim with a contact plate for added stability. The contact plate can be adjusted to suit the height of your vehicle.

Constructed from steel with zinc plating and powder coated in a black finish, the Rhino-Rack Folding Ladder is built strong and durable to last a life time without rusting. It folds down flat and comes with its own travel bag for easy and convenient storage and transportation.


  • Load rating up to 120kg / 265lb 
  • Suitable with Mesh Basket, Mesh Platform, AT Tray
  • Not Suitable for Pioneer products
  • Built tough and durable
  • Made from steel with zinc plating with a powder coated finish to prevent rusting
  • Adjustable contact plate to suit vehicles of different heights. (min distance from top: 1300mm, max distance from top 1600mm)
  • Foldable for easy storage


3 Years


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